Residents Information

Welcome Packet: 
If you’ve recently moved to Sun Meadow, or are considering a move into our neighborhood, we’d like to be the first to welcome you. This packet has been put together to help streamline the process of joining our community.
Welcome Packet


Formation Documents:
1977 Certificate of Incorporation
1977 Articles of Incorporation
1977 Bylaws
2002 Bylaws
2008 Board Amendments and Certification

Sun Meadow was built in four separate developments so each section has its own set of covenants.
Sun Meadow I Covenants
Sun Meadow I Map
Sun Meadow II Covenants
Sun Meadow II Map
Sun Meadow III Covenants
Sun Meadow III Map
Sun Meadow IV Covenants
Sun Meadow IV Map

Other Information:
Sun Meadow Block Captains

Sun Meadow HOA Mailing Address:
6528 East 101st St
Ste. D1 Box 266
Tulsa, OK 74133

How to report street lights out:

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