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Greenwaste Pickup Info

Crews will begin a special greenwaste collection from June 3 – June 14. For the May 26 wind event, residents from Riverside Dr. to Memorial Dr. from 81st St. S. to 111th St. S. and Memorial Dr. to Mingo Rd. from 81st St. S. to 101st St. S. will receive service. See link to map below. Residents near the affected areas that do not fall within the identified boundaries and believe they should qualify for the special greenwaste collection can call (918) 596-9777.

Residents should put their greenwaste to the curb at the beginning of the collection period since there will only be one greenwaste pass.

Greenwaste must be cut into pieces less than six feet long and 18 inches in diameter. Greenwaste should be within four feet of the curb (NOT in the streets) and residents must avoid placing greenwaste near utilities and fire hydrants (this is common sense to most but I’m writing this statement because it wasn’t to some…). The City cannot pick up greenwaste from the curb if it is contaminated with other debris.

You can also transport your green waste to Tulsa’s year-round Greenwaste Facility, which is located at 2100 North 145th E. Ave. It’s open today (Memorial Day) and the hours will be extended from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Saturday, June 1. A current driver’s license or a recent City of Tulsa or Broken Arrow utility bill with a Tulsa or Broken Arrow address is required to use the site.

Dumpsters are located in the following locations, if you want to get rid of your STORM DEBRIS now:
• 5707 E. 109th Pl.
• 93rd S. Lakewood Ave.
• 9711 S. Darlington
• 99th & S. Irvington
• 9737 S. Joplin Pl.
• 5700 E. 98th St.
• 9037 E. 95th St. S.
• E. 88th Pl. & S. 90th E. Ave.
• 9711 S. 88th E. Ave.

The main fueling station is shut down this week, for safety reasons.

Annual Summer Garage Sale

Please “Save the Date” for the Annual Summer Sun Meadow Neighborhood Garage Sale!

All residents are invited to participate on Friday, May 31 & Saturday, June 1. Banners will be hung at the entrances to advertise, an ad will run on Craigslist, and a notice will be put open to other neighborhoods on Nextdoor. Please feel free to advertise it as well on your own social media!