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Recap from the 2019 Annual HOA Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual HOA Meeting at Redeemer Church on February 12. We thank everyone who took the time to submit a ballot and their maintenance fees.

A few highlights from the meeting…

Board Report

Monte Stewart reported that in 2018 the Board has researched ways we can upgrade and add to the safety of the neighborhood.
Monte reviewed events from 2018 including the Block Party which was a great success and many residents showed up. We are trying to get homeowners more involved.

Financial Report

Steve Jaynes came forward and reviewed the financial report which was given to those in attendance.
Steve noted that the Board increased the pay to the mowing service this year by $50.  Close to $8000 had been received in maintenance fees for 2019 so far.

A question was asked about the city dumpster program and Suzanne Watt spoke to the problems in setting up the dumpsters. We can request them; however, the city does not decide the dates the company who owns them does and it has been difficult to get them in a timely fashion and get information out to residents.

Steve recognized Cynthia Woodson for all her work on the planting and maintenance of the entrances.

Block Captain Report

Debra Labash came forward and thanked all the block captains for their work and for handing out newsletters. She asked if people would want to be more involved that they contact her to join a committee.
Block captain back-ups are needed to help with delivery of newsletters if a block captain is out of town.
If you have a new neighbor, please contact Debra or your block captain so we have that information.


Monte asked if there are any nominations from the floor for officers.
Pete Brunel nominated Suzanne Watt for secretary.
Motion was made that nominations be closed and seconded.
Ballots were cast. All nominees were voted in.
Steve Jaynes reported that 106 residents had paid dues so far.

Please see the Officers page on the website for a full listing of officers for the 2019-2020 year and their information.

All official Board and HOA correspondence will be through this website and the neighborhood newsletter so please be on the lookout and encourage your neighbors to sign up through this website for email updates.

Thank you,

The Sun Meadow HOA

Winter 2019 Newsletter & Meeting Packet

All SM residents received the February 2019 Newsletter and Meeting Packet as a mailing to their home. Enclosed in it was information regarding the annual meeting on Tuesday, February 12. If you plan to attend the meeting (which we hope you all do), please bring your newsletter with you if you can. This will help us keep paper costs lower. Thank you!

February 2019 Packet & News

Annual Meeting Reminder

The 2019 Annual Meeting and Elections of the Sun Meadow Homeowners’ Association has been scheduled as follows:
Date: Tuesday, February 12, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Redeemer Church
5415 East 101st Street, Tulsa, OK 74137

The meeting will commence promptly at 7:00 PM (and includes a Pizza Dinner, so come hungry!) and will end when all business has been completed or the meeting is adjourned. YOU MUST CHECK IN AT THE WELCOME TABLE. CHECK-IN BEGINS AT 6:40 PM. All residents received a mailing with information regarding the meeting (Please bring this with you, if you can, to keep paper costs down) and payment information for 2019 maintenance fees. In order to be a member in good standing and vote or hold office, you must pay the 2019 Association fee of $75.00 in full on or before February 12, 2019. Association fees may be mailed using the envelope that was enclosed in the mailing to the HOA post office box or remitted in person upon check-in at the meeting. Posted fees must be received by 5:00 PM on Monday, February 11th. If you cannot mail your check in time to be received or prefer to pay in person, please bring it with you the night of the meeting.

Below you will find a copy of the Agenda to review as well as the 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes which will be reviewed and up for approval as well as the 2018 year financials and the ballot. As no candidates were received prior to today, the incumbents names are included for President, Vice-President and Treasurer on the ballot. We are seeking a candidate for Secretary, please consider attending the meeting and making a nomination from the floor.

2019 Annual Meeting Agenda

2019 Annual Meeting Information Packet & Ballot