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Recap from the Annual HOA Meeting

Thank you to everyone who attended the Annual HOA Meeting at Redeemer Covenant on February 15. We know that many of you also submitted ballots and maintenance fees by mail and we thank you for that as well.

A few highlights from the meeting…

Board Report

Monte Stewart introduced Carole Winter to thank residents who helped in putting up the Christmas decorations at the entrances. Carole recognized all those who helped make our entrances so festive.

Monte Stewart recognized those who assisted with this past year’s Sun Meadow Block Party and expressed appreciation for all those in attendance tonight for the Annual Meeting.

Block Captains

Debra Labash came forward and thanked all the block captains for their work and for handing out newsletters. She asked if residents would want to be more involved that they contact her to join a committee for neighborhood events. Block captain back-ups are also needed to help with delivery of newsletters if a block captain is out of town. Please contact Debra or your block captain to volunteer.

Treasurer Report

As of the meeting date 120 residents had paid their 2018 maintenance fee. You may pay your $75 at any time to become current for the 2018 year. Please contact Steve Jaynes for more information or with any questions. Checks can be mailed to:

Sun Meadow Homeowners Association

6528 E 101st St

Ste D1 Box 266

Tulsa, OK 74133


The following nominees were voted into office for the 2018 term:

President- Monte Stewart

Vice- President- Nathan Sweaney

Secretary- Suzanne Watt

Treasurer- Steve Jaynes

The new Board will choose a meeting date and will notify the neighborhood of that time and place.

All Board and HOA correspondence will be through this website and the official neighborhood newsletter (you can expect a spring edition in early March!) so please be on the lookout and encourage your neighbors to sign up through this website for email updates.

Thank you!

Suzanne Watt