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Sun Meadow Annual HOA Meeting

As many of you know, the HOA Board for Sun Meadow is comprised of unpaid, elected volunteers. Unfortunately, the majority of the Board have careers that often bring with them long hours or out of town trips. The originally scheduled date for the Annual Meeting conflicted with 3 board members work or travel schedules and would not have allowed them to attend. We have therefore, moved the meeting back from January 23 until February 15 to enable everyone to attend and be available to report to the association members in person. We hope this is not an inconvenience for you the residents and members of the Association and look forward to a productive (and hopefully fun!) meeting with you on Thursday, February 15!

The 2018 Annual Meeting and Elections of the Sun Meadow Homeowners’ Association has been scheduled as follows:

Date: Thursday, February 15, 2018

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Redeemer Covenant Church 5415 East 101st Street, Tulsa, OK 74137

An annual meeting packet will be mailed to every Sun meadow resident in the net week. In the mean time you may preview the packet at the link below and read some highlights listed below:

Sun Meadow 2018 Annual Meeting Packet


  1. Call to order by Vice-President of the Board of Directors
  2. Presentation of proof that the meeting was duly called by the Board of Directors and that Members were notified of the date, time and place of the Annual Meeting
  3. Roll Call of Members present and Verification of a Quorum
  4. Report of the Board
  5. Election of Officers
  6. Guest Speakers
  7. Unfinished business
  8. New business
  9. Adjournment

The meeting will commence promptly at 7:00 PM and will end when all business has been completed or the meeting is adjourned. YOU MUST CHECK IN BEFORE THE MEETING BEGINS. CHECK-IN BEGINS AT 6:40 PM.

The purpose of the meeting is: Election of Officers to serve on the Board of Directors. The elected offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer will hold office commencing February 16,2018 through the date of the 2019 annual meeting, as provided in the 2002 By-laws/2008 Amendments. Member-at-Large is not an elected position, but will also serve the same term period.

In order to be a member in good standing and vote or hold office, you must pay the Association fee of $75.00 in full on or before February 15, 2018. Association fees may be mailed to the HOA post office box or remitted in person upon check-in at the meeting. Posted fees must be received by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, February 14. If you cannot mail your check in time to be received or prefer to pay in person, please bring it with you the night of the meeting.

Please send any questions to Board Secretary, Suzanne Watt at

Or you may call Vice-President, Monte Stewart at 918-986-5000



Christmas Light Help Needed!

Light take down has been moved to 1:00 PM for warmer weather!

A special THANK YOU to Carole Winter, Paul Ahner and Cynthia Woodson who led the effort to decorate our 3 Sun Meadow entrances for the holiday season! As lovely as the lights are it is time to take them down. Help doing so would be greatly appreciated! It should not take long if enough volunteer residents come out to assist in taking them down and packing them up. Please meet this Saturday, January 6 at the Yale entrance at 1 PM if you can give some time. Volunteers can come and go, so please come help as you can! Thank you.