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Updated Speed hump Map

Here is the latest update to the speed hump plan for our neighborhood. It takes into account comments received from homeowners so far and adds two additional humps on 97th Street.

Updated Speed Hump Map

If you comments or concerns about the details of this map, please let us know.

Top Ten City Codes

Dear Residents:
We have received a lot of complaints lately regarding neighbors not complying with City code.
If this is you please help us keep our neighborhood looking good by complying.

Yard/Lot Maintenance Standards
Yard/Lot Maintenance standards are the responsibility of every property owner/resident and
include the maintenance of plant material in any right-of-way abutting the property. Grass type
ground cover cannot be over 12 inches in height, except healthy trees, shrubs, or produce for
human consumption grown in a tended and cultivated garden. Weeds, poison ivy, poison oak,
or poison sumac must be removed. Vegetation and trees must be trimmed so as not to impair
vision or obstruct the travel of motorists.

Sun Meadow Speed Humps

Update 2/12/16: The petition has been completed and sent into the City for review. 

Dear Sun Meadow Residents,

In August, 2015 the City of Tulsa hosted an information session to inform our residents of the plans to renovate the streets in our neighborhood. This meeting was held at the Helmerich Library and was open to all residents. At this meeting, the Sun Meadow Board (SMB) was asked by some of our residents to pursue information about installing speed humps on our main thoroughfare as a speed control alternative to the current stop sign method. The SMB was instructed that a speed study must first be conducted. The City conducted the speed study and the resulting conclusions confirmed eligibility. A street must have 85th percentile speed of 5 mph over the posted speed limit and a 24 hour traffic volume between 600 and 5,000 vehicles per day. The next requirement in the process was to petition only the residents on this main thoroughfare and obtain a yea or nay consensus. A majority approval of 67% of these residents was needed to qualify to have speed humps installed. Volunteers from the SMB and other residents went door to door with the petition. Eighty-five of the households on the thoroughfare were contacted and 90% of these residents indicated they were in favor of speed humps. The speed survey and petition results were announced on FaceBook and Nextdoor at the time. Although the City defined process only requires notification of the residents along the candidate roadway, the SMB regrets not sending out a letter to the entire Sun Meadow neighborhood informing everyone of this action.

2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2015

  1. Call to Order by President, Nancy Rousch.
  2. Opening prayer by Vice President, Elliot Parker
  3. Reading of 2015 Annual Minutes by Secretary, Becky Lowe.
  4. Review of Financial Report by Treasurer, Steve Jaynes.
  5. Review of action items from 2015:
    1. Christmas Lighting
    2. No Solicitation Sign
    3. Sheridan Entrance Lighting
    4. Directory Update