2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

January 26, 2015

  1. Call to Order by President, Nancy Rousch.
  2. Opening prayer by Vice President, Elliot Parker
  3. Reading of 2015 Annual Minutes by Secretary, Becky Lowe.
  4. Review of Financial Report by Treasurer, Steve Jaynes.
  5. Review of action items from 2015:
    1. Christmas Lighting
    2. No Solicitation Sign
    3. Sheridan Entrance Lighting
    4. Directory Update
  6. New Web Master – Nathan Sweaney- Password Protected Access
  7. Discussed Communication Modes:
    1. Website: http://www.sun-meadow.org
    2. FaceBook
    3. Nextdoor.com
  8. Bill Darr introduced Amanda Teegarden, Candidate for Senator District 39. Ms. Teegarden addressed the neighborhood.
  9. Reminder for residents not to park on grass for extended periods of time.
  10. Election of all officers to continue in their current roles:
    1. Nancy Rausch voted President
    2. Elliot Parker voted Vice President
    3. Becky Lowe voted Secretary
    4. Steve Jaynes continuing as Treasurer
  11. Special Speaker, Lisa Simpson, City Street Engineer. Lisa reviewed the project regarding the voting process, results and plan for speed humps on main thoroughfare.
  12. Many residents communicated their dislike for the project. The main objections and issues from the residents included:
    1. Feeling uninformed
    2. Questioning the approval process
    3. Feeling as if the board did those not polled an injustice (they were not included or their opinions taken into consideration).
    4. Concern of damaging low profile automobiles
  13. Many residents made their thoughts and comments concerning the humps known.
  14. Eruption of comments from many leading to chaos.
  15. Motion to have a full neighborhood vote regarding the humps and to have the board resend their approval until a full neighborhood vote.   Vote on this motion was chaotic due to the environment at the time but it appeared as if many were in favor. (It was later confirmed again that the process followed to get speed humps was compliant with the City guidelines.)
  16. Another neighbor woman stated she strongly felt the only ones they should vote were those on the effected street.
  17. Meeting informally adjourned.